Hi, my name is

Miguel Aguirre

I build things for the web

An enthusiastic software developer with love for data and marketing. Designing a smooth user-interfaces that promotes user interaction.

About me

I am a full-stack web developer, with a passion for software, design, data and marketing. I work with clients from different parts all over the world while travelling (currently 45 countries).

I've worked with smaller projects as well as more long term developing. Each project is independent, and I make sure the final product satisfies the customer.

Currently, I'm looking for the next challenging long term project to apply my skills and knowledge to develop.

If you have a brilliant idea but need someone to make it alive, let's talk!



Market and competition research to understand your industry.



Structure and basic design of the project and the right technology.



Following the standards of TDD, BDD or DDD.



AWS, Digital Oceans, Netlify - You ask, I take care of it.

My work

Overview of my projecs base on my passions